Montana Elk & Deer Hunts

Montana Rivers and Ridges Outfitter has access to over 1.5 million acres of land to hunt elk, deer, and other big game animals within the Bitterroot National Forest. There are seven different hunting districts within our area; these include units 204, 240, 260, 261, 262, 250, and 270. Some of our hunting areas include vast open ridges with timbered draws and old burns, making up some of the best elk habitat in the west. This excellent habitat also allows for great glassing and spot and stalk opportunities. As we operate on public land, we provide an excellent fair chase, spot and stalk hunt. Hunters lucky enough to draw a 270 or 261 mule deer tag have a chance to harvest the buck of a lifetime. There are some guaranteed mule deer tags for units 204 and 240. The Bitterroot National Forest also boasts a very healthy herd of whitetail deer, with some impressive bucks harvested each year.

All rifle hunts include deer, elk, and wolf. It is highly recommended that all hunters purchase a wolf tag. A wolf tag is not valid until five days after the purchase date, so purchasing in advance is required.

Archery elk hunts are also available. Chasing bull elk in the Rocky Mountains during the peak of the rut could very easily be one of the most exciting times of your life. To optimize hunter opportunity, we only run our archery elk hunts during the peak of the rut.

Limited space is available and these opportunities book quickly. If you are interested in an archery elk hunt do not hesitate to reserve your hunt. It is highly recommended that elk hunters put in for unit 270. It is a special draw unit but has a guaranteed tag if you choose it as your first and only choice.