Mountain Lion Hunts

Mountain lion (cougar) can be hunted in Montana with bow, rifle, muzzleloader, or handgun. Tags are sold over the counter in Montana and also by permit. For our guided mountain lion hunts, we use our well trained hunting hounds and use the weapon of your choice.

Winter mountain lion hunts offer a great opportunity in the off season for big game hunting. Montana has a liberal mountain lion hunting season from December 1 through March 31. Mountain lion are extremely elusive animals seldom seen in the wild and require the aid of well trained hunting hounds to acquire this magnificent trophy.

We love the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt, especially following a pack of well trained hounds. Hunting with hounds is our personal favorite hunting sport.

Montana is without question one of the premiere hunting states with more mountain lions in the Boone and Crockett record book than any other states. Of the top 20 trophies, six were harvested in surrounding areas. Mountain lion numbers have increased in our area over the past several years, giving hunters a chance to harvest a trophy tom. These are strictly fair chase hunts which have a high success rate on good, mature cats. Your hunt will be scheduled for specific dates, but because the winter months have varying weather and hunting conditions, we ask that you be flexible. This will ensure you have the best chance to harvest a trophy mountain lion.

We use quality, well maintained four-wheel drive vehicles, snowmobiles, radios for communication, and the latest technology in GPS hound tracking equipment. This allows us to make the most of your time while hunting. We personally guide all of our hound hunts. We also hire professionally qualified, seasoned licensed guides to assist in the hunt. This allows us to cover more country and increase your chance of success.