Montana Spring Black Bear Hunts

Montana Rivers and Ridges Outfitter offers a fair chase, spot and stalk black bear hunt within the Bitterroot National Forest. The Bitterroot National Forest is home to a very large population of black bear with colors that range from black to cinnamon.

Montana laws do not allow baiting or hound hunting for black bear, so if you are looking for a fair chase, spot and stalk guided hunt with a high success rate then choose Montana Rivers and Ridges Outfitter for your next bear hunt.

We use four-wheel drive vehicles to access the many mountain roads available; from there we will glass for bears and utilize old logging roads to access hidden areas. With any of our hunts, the better physical shape you are in, the better your chance of harvesting a mature black bear. Our experienced guides will do whatever they can to best tailor the hunt to your needs.