Rivers & Ridges Testimonials


"I was lucky enough to draw a trophy mule deer tag in Western Montana in 2016. After debating back and forth, on whether I could figure out the country on my own or I should hire a guide, I finally decided I could not take the chance on my own. I then started researching and calling every outfitter in the Bitterroot Valley. After considering many qualified options, I knew the choice had to be with James Whitescarver at Montana Rivers and Ridges.

The passion and enthusiasm that James had for wanting to help me have the hunt that I wanted, and not just a hunt he could provide, really showed the interest James has in his clients and their expectations.

James and his top-notch crew did not disappoint! I had a once in a lifetime opportunity. James and his crew helped me squeeze the max life of that opportunity and i will always be truly grateful for their efforts and professionalism. I will forever have a trophy in my house from my time with MT Rivers and Ridges, but the trophy that I will remember the most is the friendships gained during my time at the Sweathouse Lodge.

If you want a real Montana Hunt, then come visit Montana Rivers and Ridges Outfitter!"

Blaine Salveson - Billings, MT

"Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know Blaine and I had a great time hunting mule deer with our guide, Jed. The food and lodge were awesome and your whole staff were great to be around every day! I would recommend you guys to anyone looking to hunt in your area. Thanks again James!"

Brad M. - Billings, MT

To anybody looking to go on a guided deer/elk/bear or wolf hunt next year, please talk to James with Montana Rivers & Ridges Outfitters. I hunted with James in September for archery elk/deer (focusing 99% on elk). Bad luck hit me with a horrible rain/snow storm 5 days of my 6 day hunt, but we still managed to get in the elk almost every day. I ended up missing a nice 6x bull, followed up by another miss at a smaller bull. James worked his butt off and gave me his very best service in a not so ideal weather situation! This was a Lodge hunt with a full time cook. Talk about high class! It was nice to come back every night to a bed & shower. We hunted by foot mostly every day, either driving to a closed gate or trail head. The hunt was physically demanding, but not by any means "Super Tough," we hiked slow, we took breaks, and did multiple set ups each day. I scheduled a 2nd hunt with Montana Rivers & Ridges in November and hunted again during rifle season. I filled my bull tag on the first day. We used his mules to get my bull off the Mountain the 2nd day. Throughout the first 2 days, we were in whitetail bucks every day with ample opportunities at bucks.

I can't stress enough how great his Outfit was. He's very knowledgeable both about elk hunting and the area he is licensed to hunt in. I never hunted the same place twice and never ran out "room" to hunt. If you're looking to go on a hunt next year with a high success rate, I highly suggest booking a trip with James!

Brandon K. - WA


"We had James Whitescarver guide us for three full days when we were last in Montana and having fished with many fly fishing guides over our lifetime, we can say James is without a doubt, was absolutely the BEST guide we have ever had! He was so knowledgeable about the rivers, where to find the biggest fish, and he was so skilled rowing and positioning our boat to give us the best angles to cast to Monsters below the surface of the water. James was very keen to assess our skill level so he knew just where to take us so we would have the maximum success possible during our time together. James has a great sense of humor and we enjoyed his company as much as we did catching numerous trout under his guidance. I dreamed of catching a monster trophy brown trout and my dream came true while with James, a beautiful 20 1/2" Loch Leven Brown trout, prettiest trout I've ever seen! Thanks again James!

With much love and fondest of memories,

Greg n Mel "Mom""

"My husband and I float with James whenever we can, but always to celebrate our anniversary! A great date, start to finish! James takes care of all of the little details, including wonderful lunch served river side... or sometimes on an island in the middle of the river. I am a novice fisherman, though my husband is not, and James is very patient when it comes to teaching me a lot of the aspects of fishing, from casting, to drifting, to mending, and hook set. This is a top rated outfit and i wouldn't fish with any other guide!"

Lisa Wallace - Florence, MT

"Under very difficult water/fishing conditions James guided 6 of us, out of a group of 12, 2 guys per day each on various rivers around the Missoula Area. Once back home we compared feedback on the guides we had encountered during the 3 day trip. Our group has, over the past 10 years or more, fished with well over 60 guides on a variety of rivers, and this is the first time ever that ALL the folks who fished with James agreed that he is the BEST guide we have ever fished with. To earn this accolade from our bunch is unique and certainly well earned. James makes a point of making sure he understands his clients and then proceeds to provide a professional level of services, the likes of which is exceptional. Needless to say, we all look forwards to a return trip with him!"

Pete Laviolette - Calgary, Canada

"Several years ago I started getting interested in Fly Fishing and started a conversation with a buddy of mine, Rob Schreiber, about fishing in Montana. It just so happened that he has a daughter in Missoula who knew a man named James Whitescarver and she said he was a guide and that he took people fly fishing. Well, little did I know how great it would, or could be, fishing with a true pro like James.

It would take a few pages to tell all that my buddies and I have learned from James. We have fished with a number of guides in this same time period, and taking nothing away from the other guides, but I have to say that James is in a class of his own. He explains every dumb question that we can think of (and believe me there are plenty of them). It would be safe to say that every day fishing with James is a lesson and if you want to learn he never stops teaching.

Fishing has always been a great experience with James but to me its only secondary compared to the privilege of now having him, his wife Nicole, and their son Todd as my friends. James is a man of integrity and honesty and I am proud to know him as my friend. I would recommend James Whitescarver to anyone, without hesitation. If you go fishing WITHOUT James you're missing out.

Like James always says “ no mendy, no fishy “……or…… “ I can put you on the fish but I can't catch em for ya.”

Thanks James"

Danny Green & Rob Schreiber - San Diego, CA